Please be advised, the IGB POS Planner tool has been retired and will no longer be updated. Once POSes are fully removed from the game, this website will no longer function but until then, it will remain up.
If you have bookmarks of POS setups that you want to store for nostalgia's sake, now's the time to save and/or migrate them.


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[ IGB POS Planner ]   v0.65 (May 10 2016) final (Changelog)
Planning your POS in-game since 2005!
Created & Developed by Qalten
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0.65 (2016.05.10)
  • Implemented Directional Scan Parser
  • Implemented "Shopping List" display mode
  • Corrected module name changes from past game updates
0.63 (2015.04.15)
  • Modified shield hardener calculations to be in line with actual in-game stacking penalties per EVE community research (see these for more info: [1] [2])
  • Provides estimated fuel costs for fuel duration being calculated
  • Added warnings for excessive shield hardeners and POSes using deprecated modules.
  • Removed information regarding available slots
0.62 (2015.04.15)
  • Implemented Updated Tower and Module Price evaluations, imported via EVE-Central market API. Prices are cached for 12 hours.
  • Added Ability to Swap Current Tower
  • Rearranged UI Elements for better presentation
0.60 (2015.04.14)
  • Implemented Storage Total for available storage from Corporate, Ship and Personal Hangar Arrays
  • Added Overview Icons for Modules
  • Corrected Updated Module Names
  • General UI Tweaks
0.58 (2015.04.13)
  • Updated module inventory to match recent updates (removal of Medium Refinery Array and addition of Personal Hangar Array, Compression Array and Thukker Component Assembly Array)
  • More updates coming...
0.57 (2013.07.22)
  • Implemented statistics for production based modules, such as manufacturing, research and reactions, to help give a better overview of the POS's capabilities.
    BE ADVISED: Some POS modules are capable of producing multiple types of items, and as such, the list represents all of the potential item types that can be produced/used. There may be some overlap (ie: since the Complex Reactor Array can handle both Simple and Complex reactions, both are listed as potential slots)
  • Corrected Module online, anchor and unanchor times for parity with recent patch changes
  • Added further precision to all time readouts (includes seconds)
  • Base ISK Value now counts offline modules as well
  • Updated Control Tower comparison chart with fuel blocks, number formatting, and start links
0.56 (2012.12.31)
  • Implemented Effective Hit Points with Estimated Shield Resists included in Calculations
0.55 (2012.05.03)
  • Implemented new Fuel Blocks, minor UI changes
  • Corrected math on large stacks of shield resistance
0.54 (2011.04.06)
  • Implemented Average DPS calculation. This gives the raw DPS (damage per second) output of all offensive launchers
    and turrets, including Control Tower bonuses. 0% range turret ammo (Lead, Titanium Sabot & Standard) is used when calculating.
  • Implemented ability to offline/online modules. This is included in the build URL.
  • Info links for items will rely on in-game links for the in-game browser, and the EVE Wiki for out-of-game (where articles are available).
  • Adjusted various interface elements.
0.53 (2010.11.13)
  • Implemented Shield Resistance stats that will update based on adding shield hardeners.
  • Brand new "Build URL" system for smaller resulting URLs. Older build URLs will still work.
  • Adjusted the quantity text for modules to be in a more sensible place
0.52 (2010.02.24)
  • Implemented "Deployment" statistics: Total deployment cargo volume and deployment/tear down time totals (anchor, online, unanchor)
  • Implemented Module Anchoring Restriction Notes
  • Minor UI adjustments
  • Naming, id correcting for modules, adding missing modules
  • Corrected a few Internet Explorer-specific interface issues
0.511 (2010.02.18)
  • Corrected Sov bonus when applied to base fuel below 4 units & Sov bonus calc (Credit: Nick Blinko)
  • Added Hyasyoda Mobile Laboratory module and re-added Experimental Lab module that mysteriously disappeared
0.51 (2010.02.15)
  • Implemented "split by category" functionality
  • Implemented column sorting by Name, PWG, CPU and Cost
  • Implemented Qty field for adding modules (max 10 per add)
  • Implemented Quantities for modules instead of stacks
  • Added Evelopedia Links
  • Corrected pricing on a few modules, added missing "Polymer Reactor Array"
  • Small rearrangement of fuel elements
  • Slight renaming of Empire turret batteries for easier browsing
  • Removed Constellation Sovereignty, rearranged fuel status
0.50 (2010.02.09)
  • Implemented new browser in-game links
  • Re-arranged a few elements to support the better browser
0.43 (2009.10.01)
  • Corrected the Heavy Water and Liquid Ozone properties for all Faction Control Towers
  • Added Control Tower Index
  • Added Module Selection Memory (when proper HTML in IGB is supported)
0.416 (2007.11.15)
  • Faction Modules
0.415 (2007.11.07)
  • Sov bonuses for both Sov 1+ and Constellation Sov
  • Faction Control Towers
  • Fuel Cargo Totals
0.40 (2007.07.22)
  • Added fuel calculations and in-game item links
  • Minor UI stuff
0.3? (2005.??.??)