[ IGB POS Planner ]   v0.65 (May 10 2016) (Changelog)
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0.65 (2016.05.10)
  • Implemented Directional Scan Parser
  • Implemented "Shopping List" display mode
  • Corrected module name changes from past game updates
0.63 (2015.04.15)
  • Modified shield hardener calculations to be in line with actual in-game stacking penalties per EVE community research (see these for more info: [1] [2])
  • Provides estimated fuel costs for fuel duration being calculated
  • Added warnings for excessive shield hardeners and POSes using deprecated modules.
  • Removed information regarding available slots
0.62 (2015.04.15)
  • Implemented Updated Tower and Module Price evaluations, imported via EVE-Central market API. Prices are cached for 12 hours.
  • Added Ability to Swap Current Tower
  • Rearranged UI Elements for better presentation
0.60 (2015.04.14)
  • Implemented Storage Total for available storage from Corporate, Ship and Personal Hangar Arrays
  • Added Overview Icons for Modules
  • Corrected Updated Module Names
  • General UI Tweaks
0.58 (2015.04.13)
  • Updated module inventory to match recent updates (removal of Medium Refinery Array and addition of Personal Hangar Array, Compression Array and Thukker Component Assembly Array)
  • More updates coming...
0.57 (2013.07.22)
  • Implemented statistics for production based modules, such as manufacturing, research and reactions, to help give a better overview of the POS's capabilities.
    BE ADVISED: Some POS modules are capable of producing multiple types of items, and as such, the list represents all of the potential item types that can be produced/used. There may be some overlap (ie: since the Complex Reactor Array can handle both Simple and Complex reactions, both are listed as potential slots)
  • Corrected Module online, anchor and unanchor times for parity with recent patch changes
  • Added further precision to all time readouts (includes seconds)
  • Base ISK Value now counts offline modules as well
  • Updated Control Tower comparison chart with fuel blocks, number formatting, and start links
0.56 (2012.12.31)
  • Implemented Effective Hit Points with Estimated Shield Resists included in Calculations
0.55 (2012.05.03)
  • Implemented new Fuel Blocks, minor UI changes
  • Corrected math on large stacks of shield resistance
0.54 (2011.04.06)
  • Implemented Average DPS calculation. This gives the raw DPS (damage per second) output of all offensive launchers
    and turrets, including Control Tower bonuses. 0% range turret ammo (Lead, Titanium Sabot & Standard) is used when calculating.
  • Implemented ability to offline/online modules. This is included in the build URL.
  • Info links for items will rely on in-game links for the in-game browser, and the EVE Wiki for out-of-game (where articles are available).
  • Adjusted various interface elements.
0.53 (2010.11.13)
  • Implemented Shield Resistance stats that will update based on adding shield hardeners.
  • Brand new "Build URL" system for smaller resulting URLs. Older build URLs will still work.
  • Adjusted the quantity text for modules to be in a more sensible place
0.52 (2010.02.24)
  • Implemented "Deployment" statistics: Total deployment cargo volume and deployment/tear down time totals (anchor, online, unanchor)
  • Implemented Module Anchoring Restriction Notes
  • Minor UI adjustments
  • Naming, id correcting for modules, adding missing modules
  • Corrected a few Internet Explorer-specific interface issues
0.511 (2010.02.18)
  • Corrected Sov bonus when applied to base fuel below 4 units & Sov bonus calc (Credit: Nick Blinko)
  • Added Hyasyoda Mobile Laboratory module and re-added Experimental Lab module that mysteriously disappeared
0.51 (2010.02.15)
  • Implemented "split by category" functionality
  • Implemented column sorting by Name, PWG, CPU and Cost
  • Implemented Qty field for adding modules (max 10 per add)
  • Implemented Quantities for modules instead of stacks
  • Added Evelopedia Links
  • Corrected pricing on a few modules, added missing "Polymer Reactor Array"
  • Small rearrangement of fuel elements
  • Slight renaming of Empire turret batteries for easier browsing
  • Removed Constellation Sovereignty, rearranged fuel status
0.50 (2010.02.09)
  • Implemented new browser in-game links
  • Re-arranged a few elements to support the better browser
0.43 (2009.10.01)
  • Corrected the Heavy Water and Liquid Ozone properties for all Faction Control Towers
  • Added Control Tower Index
  • Added Module Selection Memory (when proper HTML in IGB is supported)
0.416 (2007.11.15)
  • Faction Modules
0.415 (2007.11.07)
  • Sov bonuses for both Sov 1+ and Constellation Sov
  • Faction Control Towers
  • Fuel Cargo Totals
0.40 (2007.07.22)
  • Added fuel calculations and in-game item links
  • Minor UI stuff
0.3? (2005.??.??)